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In 1970’s when I was a child, I hid behind the haystack of grain-sunning ground, reading “Childrens Story”full of joy. The book led me into a wonderful new world.  It made me feel cool and refreshing, even in this hot summer noon. The joyfulness was like the mind being open by the outside world. From then on, I made up my mind to work hard, to explore the outside world. This book, this happiness are the seeds changing my life. A seed that can open one’s mind by oneself.


After graduating from Zhejiang University, I started to work and then set up my own business. In 2003, I accidentally reduced the tent house of American Indian into a portable teepee,where kid could have own space away from parents, just like the feeling of reading the “Children’s Story” hiding behind the haystack when I was little. One Australia preschool cooperated with psychologists to complete a research about comparing on the teepees. The research shows that the teepees could free the kid’s great little mind, and its secure, quietness bring freedom and happiness to the kids, as well as planting the seeds of dreams.


I believe parents will be very happy to see the help to kid with this little gift. But this kind of product was rare in the market. So 2008, there comes Asweets. Asweets determines to help parents and grandparents by providing growing-up happily products besides food and clothes. We believe, at some moment of happy, the life-changing seed is planted quietly. Parents just need to create a proper environment, and then just let the kid grow up by themselves. That is what parents and grand parents wish for.


Let Asweets create!

                                           Zhao Fujian