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Path to Math

  • Date: 3.19.20
  • Packaging: Color Box
  • SRP: $39
  • Age: 3+
  • Safety: Please make sure all dimensions are safe for at least 3+, including inside ring
Product Description


This is a multi-use counting game that makes math easy and fun.  If we can make this safely for a lower age grade, we should try.  There are numbers, color coordinated rings and sticks, and math signs.  Kids can count using the rings, the sticks, can make up math equations, or can use the numbers if they are more advanced and make equations.

This is a “better” version of low priced (Melissa & Doug) products on the market.  If we can make these items for less than a $39 retail and still great quality, we should try.

Photo Shoot Requirements:

For Customers

2000 x 2000 and 300 dpi.   Please shoot on plain white background.     

For Catalog/Web:

Same as above.  Show all pieces.